Oxides Study #4


Coil built. Refractory clay with mixed cobalt carbonate. Copper oxide. Transparent glaze.

Fired in gas kiln at 950 degrees (centigrade), then put in reduction environment (raku technique).

2019, Alexandre Carvalho


In this piece I was very surprised by the result of the glaze flowing down the surface of the piece while melted, as it dragged some color out of the oxide in the stripes, and made beautiful transitions between them and the slip free surface.

Alexandre Carvalho

The Oxides Studies Series is composed of works in which I studied the effect of oxides mixed in the clay itself, or of a slip with a high percentage of oxide. In all of this pieces, the colour is achieved by the presence of those oxides in the clay or slip, under the glaze, which is transparent. The technique used to fire the pieces was raku. Raku has it’s origins in Japan, and was recently adapted by westerners. In this technique, the piece is heated and taken out of the kiln while hot, and usually put in a container with combustible material.

Additional information

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 24 cm


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