Compositions on blue – 5


Refractory clay, blue slip, glazed

Fired in electric kiln at 1080ºC

2019, Alexandre Carvalho


This piece is shaped like a tree. I am strongly influenced by nature. I always loved to be surrounded by nature, either in the fields, gardens. It makes sense for my that those experiences find their way into the work I do as a ceramist.

Alexandre Carvalho


This piece is part of the work created for an exhibition entitled “Compositions on blue and ceramic studies” which took place in gallery Espaço Q, between 8 and 27 June 2019,  and featured abstract paintings and ceramic pieces surrounding the theme of blue (see link to the Facebook album of the inauguration).

In this group of works I tried different combinations of slip and glazes, in order to achieve the widest possible range of blues.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 17 × 16 × 33 cm


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