The Destruction of Consciousness

As chance would have it, Consciousness, with its yellow core and bright red protrusions gained a premonitory character as Covid 19 spread across the globe. So, isolated at home, often trapped inside my own quarantined head, Consciousness gained a new meaning, far deeper and more complex than the initial concept.

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The origin of the “Magical beings”

Although you cannot see them yet, there are more of their own kind, A-ra is not alone. There is Art, A-mur and so many, many more. What I will tell you about these creatures is that they are present everywhere, they exist in everything. They are all born into this world, for a reason only they know about, and none of them is born for the same purpose.

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Oxides Studies

The Oxides Studies series, by Alexandre Carvalho, is composed of works where I studied the effect of oxides mixed in the clay itself, or of a slip with a high percentage of oxide, before the final glazing. The colour of the works in this series is brought by the oxide mixed in the clay with […]

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