Alexandre Carvalho

I was born and grew in Trofa, surrounded by fields and free as all children are, when opportunity comes along and authority is absent. I felt the calling for arts as a child, but chose to study science, as it seemed impossible to survive in the Art world. I carry the doubt of not knowing if that choice was the right one for me. I concluded my degree in Psychology and started working with families, oblivious to what was going on in the ceramic world, until I took part in my first workshop. That experience opened a fascinating world of earth, fire and transformation.

Clay takes me back to my childhood, when the earth´s touch was soft and the sun would lay gently on my skin. I find myself imagining a primeval Universe where mountains are revolved and made to dust, and rain washes away the Earth´s salt, filling endless oceans. I feel like I’m walking in the footsteps of ancient generations, lost in the beginning of times. I share their love for the materials that witnessed the creation of the Universe and now lay gentle in my hands. I am part of this great adventure called Ceramic.

My current work covers two series:

  • Compositions on blue – works featured in the gallery Espaço Q as part of the exhibition “Compositions on blue and ceramic studies”, where I experimented with different combinations of slips and glazes, in order to achieve a wide range of blues.
  • Oxides studies – A series composed of works where I studied the effect of oxides mixed in the clay itself, or of a slip with a high percentage of oxide, before the final glazing. The colour of the works in this series is brought by the oxide mixed in the clay with which the piece was built. The piece is glazed with a transparent glaze. The technique used to fire the piece was raku.

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