The origin of the “Magical beings”

Like pretty much everything I create, there are stories and scenarios where my creations belong to, and from where they came. A-ra is the first of their kind, both in the material world and in the imaginary, and he came from a story that is still being written.

Although you cannot see them yet, there are more of their own kind, A-ra is not alone. There is Art, A-mur and so many, many more. What I will tell you about these creatures is that they are present everywhere, they exist in everything. They are all born into this world, for a reason only they know about, and none of them is born for the same purpose.

Here, I will share with you a piece of the story you will sometime get to know entirely.

“(…) Among the objects, stones with unusual shapes and colors could be found, some of them had strange marks and symbols that seemed to have been carved onto them. More rarely, Tär found, lying on the ground or hanging from some branch, small and complex constructions made of tree branches and dry straw, which his bear’s feet would’ve never been able to conceive.

“Are these the amulets?” asked Tär to himself, remembering what, in his distant youth, his mother had told him, about the existence of certain creatures rarely seen, that left, here and there, strange constructions of the type. “Magical beings”, they said, but never Tär, in his two hundred and twenty-four years of life, had seen one, knew only that they walked on two legs, and that the only hair they had was born on the head and extended until it touched the ground. (…)”

“(…) Entre o objectos, podiam-se encontrar pedras com formas e cores incomuns, algumas delas apresentavam estranhas marcas e símbolos que pareciam terem sido esculpidos na pedra. Mais raramente, Tär encontrava, caídas no chão ou penduradas nalgum ramo, pequenas e complexas construções feitas de ramos de árvore e palhas secas, que nunca as suas patas de urso seriam capazes de conceber.

“Serão estes os tais amuletos?”, perguntava-se Tär, recordando-se de, nos seus longínquos tempos de juventude, sua mãe lhe ter contado que, por sua vez, lhe contara sua mãe, da existência de certas criaturas raramente avistadas, que deixavam, aqui e ali, estranhas construções do tipo. “Criaturas mágicas”, diziam, mas nunca Tär, nos seus duzentos e vinte e quatros anos de vida, havia avistado uma, sabia apenas que caminhavam sobre duas pernas, e que o único pêlo que possuíam nascia da cabeça e prolongava-se até ao chão. (…)”

Marta Hipólito

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